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Hey all!   WildWoodWay has just moved our home base to Maui. We’ve had a brief pause in our educational efforts while we dig our roots into the new locale. Have no fear, wild food walks, wilderness skills and reconnecting playshops will resume in short order! Thanks- Helene

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WildWoodWay experiences are all about (re)awakening your senses, spirit and mind to the natural patterns of the world around you.

WILD FOOD WALKS: get to know the true locals! Who are the plant personalities in your neighborhood, what is their place in the community and how have we humans traditionally interacted with them? From the hot dry basins and valleys of Southern California, to the towering peaks of the Sierra Nevada, and the wind whipped slopes of Maui’s Haleakalā, get to know the edible, medicinal and ecological character traits of your most important neighbors. Kids abundantly welcome!

ANCESTRAL NOURISHMENT: Focusing on nutrient and information dense foods and edible medicinals, this espouses not a strict adherence to particular diet, but teaching a philosophy of (re)connection with your sources of sustenance, of recognizing, respecting and finding ways of honoring your relationship to the plant and animal lives that sustain you. Includes Wild Food gathering from local sources, nutrient preserving preparation, shaping your own way of showing gratitude and connection with community through food. Kids abundantly welcome!

NATURAL NAVIGATION: Being guided by nature is based in reading the subtle patterns in nature that modern domesticated humans normally ignore. The directions of the world are worn into the very rocks, reflected in the undergrowth leaves reaching towards the sun and in the gnarled branches of trees twisting their way to the sky. Our ancestors could read these natural patterns as easily as you read a street sign, guiding them to their destinations and back again. Kids abundantly welcome!

SENSORY INTEGRATION: The dance of light, sound and scent through the wilderness tells a story millions of years old- the insistent mating or warning calls of songbirds, the dappled play of light and dark across the forest floor, the myriad plant scents carrying messages of growth, fruiting and threat through the valleys… Each of these sounds, sights, smells has a context, a ‘backstory’ that, long ago, we used to know how to read… Come learn ways to help reawaken yourself  to this natural conversation.
Kids abundantly welcome!

WILDERNESS TRAVEL COURSE:  (Offered independently by the Sierra Club). A 10 week classroom and in the field course covering everything from map and compass navigation to winter travel and snow camping. I’ve been involved as a volunteer instructor for the WTC since 2009 (all instructors are volunteers who do it for their love of the wild). This is one of my favorite options for introducing beginners to the world of backpacking and the outdoors. For many it can be the first step towards a lifetime of wilderness adventures. Highly recommended for those on the West Coast! Contact WTC for further information.

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